Innovation at an Operational Level

who we are

The Phoenix Group LLC, is service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) and customized services company specifically designed to support the U.S. Govt. and commercial companies engaged and supporting a broad range of operating environments. We specialize in customizing "best of breed" off the shelf, hardware and software components to solve specific problems in the intelligence collection, operational and commercial industry support arenas. Due to our vast network of associates, we have the ability to “bring on” the specific consulting expertise needed for each individual project. This combination of "just the right" people and products makes us one of the most dynamic, and capable companies engaged in the GWOT. The Phoenix Group represents more than 20 businesses and their services and products.

Integrity, Customer Commitment, Customer Satisfaction and Excellence

Our Culture

The Corporate culture of The Phoenix Group is one of compliance to all applicable rules and regulations, and ethical behavior in all of our business relationships. Our Management Team is committed to the highest standard of ethical and compliant behavior at all levels

We deliver effective, value-added products and services in a responsive, ethical environment using program management methodologies inherent in our business model. We have extensive experience in providing collaborative program support; our processes and procedures stimulate proactive decision making. By leveraging our extensive program management experience and core competencies, we will implement a similarly effective management plan in support of each supported program to ensure all technical, functional, administrative, and performance requirements are understood and accomplished efficiently and effectively.

We strive to provide the correct blend of forward thinking and program realism necessary to meet our customer’s obstacles head-on, and to create innovative solutions to their greatest challenges. We understand that requirements are continuously refined to meet program and end-user requirements, and we constantly improve our approach to ensure we provide the most technically robust and cost effective solutions.